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Microgo M8 Electric Scooter is a versatile and compact personal mobility device designed to provide a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Below is a detailed description of its key features:

1. Motor: The Microgo M8 is equipped with a powerful 250W electric motor, offering a reliable and efficient means of propulsion.

2. Battery: It comes with a 36V 5Ah lithium-ion battery that provides sufficient power for your daily commuting needs, ensuring you can travel with ease while minimizing your environmental footprint.

3. Top Speed: The scooter can reach a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour (approximately 12.4 miles per hour), making it ideal for urban and suburban commuting, where speed limits are typically lower.

4. Range: With its 5Ah battery, the Microgo M8 offers a range of up to 20 kilometers (around 12.4 miles) on a single charge, making it perfect for short to medium-length commutes without the need for frequent recharging.

5. Lighting: The scooter features a comprehensive lighting system, including a front headlight for enhanced visibility during low-light conditions, a tail light to alert vehicles and pedestrians behind you, and a brake light to signal when you’re slowing down or stopping, ensuring your safety on the road.

6. Display : The scooter comes with a user-friendly display panel that provides essential information like speed, battery life, and other ride-related data, allowing you to stay informed about your journey.

7. Anti-Slip Mat: The deck of the scooter features an anti-slip mat, providing stability and grip for your feet while riding, even in wet or slippery conditions.

8. Auto/Kick Start: The Microgo M8 supports both auto and kick start options, making it easy to get going. Simply kick off from a standstill, and the electric motor will seamlessly take over, ensuring a smooth and effortless start.

9. Cruise Control: This feature allows you to maintain a constant speed without continually holding down the throttle, which can be especially useful for longer rides, reducing rider fatigue.

10. Foldable Design: The scooter’s foldable design makes it highly portable and easy to store. It’s a convenient choice for commuters who may need to carry it on public transportation or store it in tight spaces.

11. Weight Capacity: The Microgo M8 has a maximum weight capacity of 190 pounds, accommodating a wide range of riders.

The Microgo M8 Electric Scooter offers a well-rounded package of features, including a decent motor, efficient battery, safety features, and user-friendly controls. It’s designed for urban and suburban commuters, and its foldable design and moderate range make it a practical and eco-friendly choice for short to medium-length trips.

1 review for MICROGO M8 escooter

  1. Francis

    I have done my research. Its a good brand and the price is amazing for a brand new scooter. I thought it was refurbished but its not! Recommend this company.

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