iENYRID ES10 Dual Motor 2000W off Road with Seat

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Introducing the iENYRID ES10 2000W Dual Motor Electric Scooter – Elevate Your Commute with Unmatched Performance and Innovative Design.


Performance Excellence:

The iENYRID ES10 sets the benchmark for urban mobility, featuring dual 1000W high-performance brushless motors. With a commanding top speed of 50km/h and exceptional torque, it effortlessly navigates diverse terrains. The 10-inch pneumatic off-road wheels and responsive dual suspension system ensure a smooth and stable ride.

es10 50km

Revolutionary Battery Technology:

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with the ES10’s 48V 20Ah UL certified battery, seamlessly integrated to deliver a hidden 960Wh of power. The EOC power-saving system extends the cruising range by an impressive 40%, providing an unparalleled blend of power and endurance.

es10 battery

Intelligent Control System Es10:

Stay connected and in control with the Smart-DO intelligent control system in the es10 model. The multifunctional LCD instrument panel provides real-time data on gear shift, official metrics, power levels, and speed, ensuring a sophisticated and informed riding experience.

es10 smart do

Safety Redefined:

Prioritize safety with the ES10 advanced E-ABS disc brake system and multi-hole disc brake. Achieve controlled and stable braking performance, instilling confidence in every ride.

dual brake

Portability Meets Performance:

Beyond its exceptional power, the ES10 excels in practicality. The foldable and portable design allows for easy storage in most vehicle trunks, making it an ideal companion for daily commutes and spontaneous adventures.

iEnyrid Es10

Customizable Comfort:

Tailor your ride with an adjustable and foldable handlebar for optimal comfort. The detachable seat adds versatility, enabling seamless transitions between standing and seated positions.


Illuminate Your Path:

Enhance safety and style with the ES10’s triple lighting system, ensuring optimal visibility in all lighting conditions.

es10 lights


– Motors: Dual 1000W (2000W) High-Performance Brushless Motors
– Battery:48V 20Ah UL Certified Powered Battery (960Wh)
– Max Speed: 50km/h*
– Max Range:60km*
– Charging Time: 5-6Hours
– Weight: 64lb (29kg)
– Max Load:300 LB
– Frame Material:Aluminum
– Handlebar Type: Adjustable and Foldable
– Wheel Type: Pneumatic 10-inch Off-Road
– Suspension Type: Dual Suspension, Front Suspension, Rear Suspension

*Range and speed are calculated with 170lbs rider under best conditions.

Special Features:

– Triple Lighting System
– Heavy Duty Construction
– Dual Drive System
– Detachable Seat
– 2 Speed Modes (Adjustable High / Low)

Included Components:

– 1x Electric Scooter
– 1x Charger
– 1x User Manual

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  1. Elfirdo

    recently got this one after test riding the flood model. Also watched youtube videos and reviews. I am very happy so far because I got the best deal as its expensive everywhere else than HKP store in Balzac Calgary.

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